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Your first 4 classes will be a game changer for you! 

The course design is set to encourage a regular, consistent practice that will offer results.  Choose from 3 options to commit and save:  4 class series, 8 class series and

8 week series.

.  So much will happen in your first 4 classes.  You will feel the benefits and start to see the value and the power of yoga.  Each series will advance you to the next level  as you reach for your peak.  

Expect a beginning level class, static postures,  and a strong emphasis on alignment and breathing.  

Repetition is mastery.  Many classes will focus on the same sequence of postures before adding new postures.  This is to build a solid foundation.  Just as a tennis player will practice their forehand or their serve a million times, we practice the same yoga postures regularly to realign skeletal system and keep muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons flushed with fresh circulation to improve and maintain natural range of motion.  

Please be on time. 

Well Hydrated.  Empty stomach.  Bring mat of choice.