Infrared Sauna Treatment

Infrared sauna treatments are less time consuming, less hot & more effective than traditional sauna.  Infrared is invisible light that creates radiant heat and penetrates up to 3 inches inside the body.  This warms the body from the inside out for a healing, detoxifying effect.  Regular treatments have been proven to reduce inflammation & cortisol, reduce healing/recovery time and increase endurance & well being.  

Sauna Guide




Timing is Everything!  Wait 1 hour after eating for digestion.   Please arrive on time.  Sessions are booked on the half hour.  You may reserve additional time for additional fee.  Allow  5 minutes for apres sauna.   Please exit room on time.  


Wear as little as possible- bathing suit or running shorts & sport bra.


HYDRATION is Essential!  Come to Sauna well hydrated with clean face, body & FEET!  You will sweat more if you are hydrated. 


BRING A BATH TOWEL-  Always sit fully on a towel in the sauna.  If needed, we provide towel service for an additional $2.  



Timer will be counting down on the panel.  Please note your time or set your timer on your phone.  


JUST BREATHE!  Plan to tune out, tune in and relax.  Leave your phone outside of sauna.  The outside world can wait for 20 minutes!  When you accept and surrender to these magic light waves to penetrate, you will become a pro at letting go!  ON ALL LEVELS ;)



Practice Good Posture- Sit upright and do not lean on panels.  The infrared light waves are linear and come through the panels.  Make sure they are not covered by your towel. 


Take A Break!  You can adjust temperature on the panel.  Ideally, 90-120 degrees.  Work your way up to 30 minutes.  Sit in sauna for 10 minutes then come out, have a drink of water or tea, then head back in for a few more.  This is YOUR time! 


AirPods Rock!  Listen to your favorite music, Audible, TedTalks,  etc.  Whatever inspires you and ups your vibe!  Or just listen to the sound of your breath!  There will always be recommendations provided for you!



Allow for time to calmly adjust, replenish & dress.

Aim for 5 min to meditate/peace out or a gentle stretch.

Wipe off with spa towel.  Place rented towels in bin under desk.

Exit room on time.

Drink water & replenish with electrolytes. 


Come back in 24-48 hours!  It is recommended 3-4 times per week.